100sq mile

Pratt Thesis Publication | Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator 
The Challenge 
To actively engage in
year long project that is
a development of a thesis statement with a myriad of potential designed deliverable. 
The Outcome 
A print publication that traverses the history of Art Deco buildings in Mumbai from the perspective of individuals that have lived in these facades. Adding a lens of romanticism to the collected stories, the publication presents itself
as a collection of ephemera. 

My design process is deeply rooted in systematic research followed by intentional analysis and synthesis of data into


The Affinity diagram depicts the lens of Romanticism as a conceptual bridge; between the outer, more formal facades

of Art Deco architecture and design with the nostalgic, more personalised interiors of the buildings. 

Cinema of the color  


An analysis of the materiality, emotions, light, ambience, music , design and cinema traces to the color red and its significance with Art Deco and cinema in Mumbai. 

Operating on a metaphor of a  junk drawer the pages are presented as a collection of ephemera. The varied materiality plays on one's experience of rifling through a  dusty junk drawer of paraphernalia. What are the different things you see? what sounds do you hear ? what colors, textures, words do you see? do the objects relate to one another? are they random? do they have a story or a relationship now?

Using collage to increase tactility of the pages and tap into the  nostalgia of the narratives. 

The pages are imagined as post cards in a variety of sizes encapsulated in a box like drawer. The lack of a conventional structure takes you back to nostalgia of a junk drawer.